Saturday, 25 November 2017

Black Vinyl & Gingham Check!!

I’m a massive fan of the vinyl trend as you’ve probably seen from my last few posts, todays post is following on with that love, with yes you guessed it more vinyl! So I think these must be one of my fave purchases of the season and they’re from Primark, I can’t actually remember how much they were but they were no more than £15 which I think is amazing. They actually fit so much better than a lot of the more expensive pairs I’ve tried on aswell. They’re black in a jean style with front and back pockets and belt loops. They’re actually lined with a soft material inside so they don’t actually have the plasticy material sticking to your leg. I actually had a pair of pretty much identical ones when I was younger in the 90’s, it’s funny how all trends come back around again!

I teamed them with another bargain I got from Pretty Little Thing, again I can’t remember how much it was but I got it in the sale and it was less than a 10er. It’s this fab gingham check shirt/top, it wraps around the body and ties in a big bow on the side. I must admit I got in a bit of a tangle trying to work out how it fastened and I’m still not sure I didn’t it properly, but it looks like it’s right atleast. It also sits slightly off the shoulders which I love and is in a quite thick flannel type material, so it’s actually quite warm and good for this time of year. It also has really puffy ruched sleeves which are a really nice detail. As you may have also noticed I’m loving Red right now, so I added a splash of colour by accessorising with my fave earrings at the moment, these red tassel ones and some red suede effect boots. Finishing off with a thin velvet choker and a gold chain choker. 

Vinyl Trousers - Primark
Shirt - Pretty Little Thing
Boots - Primark
Earrings - Nasty Gal
Chokers - Primark

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November, Christmas is coming around way too quickly for my liking, I’m already stressed just thinking about it. It’s been so busy in the retail world this Black Friday weekend but all I’ve managed to buy so far is buying presents for myself... Oops! Are you an organised shopper and got it all finished already or like me and still running around the shops on Christmas Eve?!?

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Bargain Red Coat, Vinyl Frills & Zebra Print!!!

So there’s been a bit of a theme in my clothing lately and as I mentioned in a previous post I’ve been wearing a lot of red and vinyl. I am loving both these trends this season, this outifit combines both these trends. I got this black vinyl skirt from Pretty Little Thing, I’d actually been wanting the green version but it was out of stock and the black one had gone in the sale so I thought I’d go for it. To be honest it’s probably a lot more wearable, I just already have a black vinyl skirt, but how much vinyl is too much anyway! This one does have a big frill down the front and is in a bodycon style, so it’s different to my other one anyway. I teamed it with what is actually a dress but worn underneath it is just the right length not to be seen below the skirt, so works perfectly as a top. It’s a Bardot style to the top which works really well with the skirt. As it’s officially coat season I wore one of my fave buys of the season and a bargain buy, this Red coat from Primark, it was only £25 and I absolutely love it. It’s not too heavy either which is great as sometimes you can get a bit hot in a coat if you’re rushing about or travelling somewhere.

I added some more of my new fave colour to the mix with red suede effect boots which were a bargain from Primark, I love the gold round buckle on them. I also went for a red wool beret, I’m very new to the beret but I’ve ended up buying a few in different colours and love them. They’re great for shoving on and also great if you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to wash your hair or just having a bad hair day. They’re pretty practical as they’ll keep your head warm in this colder weather but also look stylish. As always I wore black fishnets and accessorised with a thin black velvet choker, red tassel earrings and a black feather bag.

Top (Dress) - H&M
Boots - Primark
Coat - Primark
Beret - Ebay
Bag - Topshop
Fishnets - Primark
Earrings - Nasty Gal
Choker - Primark