Sunday, 25 September 2016

The statement Paisley shirt!!!

I absolutely love a print, especially a bold, bright print and vintage pieces always have the best ones! I picked up this oversized shirt in Cow vintage and absolutely love it. It is really loose on me but I kinda like that and I like that it's a longer length so it can be worn as more of a shirt dress. The print is such a statement with its bright colours and Paisley detail so I kept the rest of the look very simple. I teamed it with lace trim cycle shorts with fishnet tights underneath. I wore my black patent ankle boots and a vintage leather bag. I accessorised with a statement necklace and some vintage earrings.

Paisley shirt - Cow vintage 
Cycling shorts - H&M
Boots - River Island 
Fishnet tights - Primark
Bag - Cow vintage 
Necklace - Topshop
Earrings - Charity shop

Friday, 16 September 2016

Floral Brights & Denim!!!

A few months ago I went to a vintage kilo sale and picked up so many bargains, including this cute patchwork floral print cropped shirt. I decided to layer it under a dark wash denim pinafore for this look. I love a pinafore they're so cute and girly and so easy to wear. This one has quite a high neck so can be worn alone aswell as with something underneath. I picked out some of the colours in the shirt to accessorise and went for these fab red suede effect wedges that I actually forgot I even had. Always one for a frilly sock I wore some sheer/green polka dot socks and a red bandana as a headband to tie in the red. Finishing off the look with a yellow/lime bag and a 'A' detail gold chain necklace.

Denim pinafore - Oasis
Shirt - vintage weigh and pay kilo sale
Wedges - Topshop
Bag - Oasis
Socks - Primark
Bandana - Camden market 
Necklace - Primark

Monday, 12 September 2016

Leeds Festival... Day Three!!!

After the constant rain of the day before it was nice to wake up to some dry weather on the final day of the festival. Of course the damage was already done and the rivers of mud had got even worse. This did mean a couple of my planned outfits were a no go as wellies were absolutely essential, so I had to try and throw something together from what I had brought with me. I got the most amazing gold triangle chain bra from Pretty Little Thing a few weeks back with the intention of wearing it for Leeds, I just didn't know how was the best way to wear it, as you can just see straight through it and as its quite delicate I didn't want it snapping and ending up half naked. I decided to wear a mesh bra that I had customised with sequin pineapple patches to cover the nipple area. It was the perfect shape to go under the metal bra as it didn't ruin the look of it and it gave me that bit of extra support. Even though they were both revealing, worn together it wasn't as bad, and I was planning on wearing a jacket all day so I had something to cover me. I teamed it with a vintage black disc sequin skirt and of course my fave sequin bumbag. To keep my top half a little more covered and to sparkle up the outfit even more I wore this amazing sequin bomber jacket from Boohoo. My hair was pretty crap by this point so I had to take out my extensions and put it in buns. I added some pompom bobbles and glitter roots, cause there's no such thing as too much glitter! Again I wore lots of glitter under/on my eyes and glittery lips aswell as some gems across my head. Finishing off the look with my tinsel earrings and a gold choker.

Gold metal bra - Pretty Little Thing
Mesh pineapple bra - Ebay (customised by me)
Sequin skirt - Cow vintage 
Sequin bomber jacket - Boohoo
Sequin bumbag - Skinnydip London 
Wellies - Topshop
Pompom Bobbles - Bhs
Tinsel earrings - Topshop
Choker - Topshop
Face gems - Primark
Glitter - Ebay

We had a even earlier start than the rest of the weekend so of course we were late and missed the first band we wanted to see. So our first band of the day were 'Sunset sons' I absolutely love these guys and have seen them a few times over the last year or so. As usual it was a great set with singalong moments throughout. I don't know why they're always on so early at festivals as they definitely deserve to be higher up on the bill. After that we headed over to the Festicket photobooth to get another free snap, they have put the photobooth pictures on their Facebook page now so I have a digital image now which is cool and you can see it more clearly than my picture of the physical photo.

There had been rumours all weekend about a secret set at the pit with very strong rumours of it being 'You Me At Six', who are one of my absolute favourite bands. So we were constantly checking social media for confirmation, and after they played Reading on the Saturday I was praying they'd play Leeds too. To my joy lead singer Josh confirmed they would be at Leeds on Sunday morning on his Twitter and the YMAS poster outside the pit also had a spray painted '4pm The Pit' for extra confirmation. There were a few bands I wanted to see within this couple of hours but we wasn't sure how busy the tent would get and didn't want to miss out, so we sacrificed everyone else to get a good spot at the pit. We did have a while to wait before, but we met up with our friend who had came for the day, then ended up watching the band before 'Heck' who were absolutely mental. They kept jumping in the crowd and climbing up the fixtures in the tent, aswell as coming down into the crowd with their guitars. I'd never heard of them before, they're quite a heavy band and really got stuck in and got the crowd going, even though there weren't actually many people there at this point, I actually ended up really enjoying the set. 

We had a bit longer to wait for 'YMAS' and the tent seemed to suddenly fill up, but we ended up being quite central and only a few rows back. They burst onto the stage with 'Room to breathe' and the crowd went wild. It was so good to have them back after what felt like ages that they've been away. They played a mix of songs from most of their albums and managed to squeeze in a lot for such a short set, including massive singalong tracks 'Loverboy' and 'Underdog' aswell as brand new track 'Night People' which went down well with the crowd. They ended with one of my faves 'Bite my tongue' ending on a high with the crowd going wild, it was over so quickly but definitely one of my highlights of the weekend. I can't wait to see them again properly at their headline show next month and I'm so excited for the new album to drop.

Unfortunately we did miss 'Blossoms' and 'Slaves' due to watching 'Ymas' but as they both clashed it did atleast take that decision of who to see off our hands. We could hear the last couple of songs of 'slaves' as we left the pit though so atleast we had that! After that we headed to the festival republic stage for 'The Hunna' I hadn't seen them before and was really looking forward to them. They'd only released a few songs before Leeds as the album actually came out whilst we were at Leeds, but I was obsessed with all of them. They played a lively set with a great reception from the crowd and they sounded so good live. As it was only a short set there was only a few tracks I didn't know so it didn't really matter I hadn't heard the album yet. Since being back I've had their album on repeat and absolutely love it so I'm so glad I'm going to get to see them again in a couple of weeks on their headline tour. 

We then headed to the main stage for 'The Courteeners', they had been my absolute fave for years, so usually I would've been buzzing, but after the departure of bassist Mark and the circumstances surrounding that, the love for them has been tarnished and I've found it hard to have the passion I did before. I will always love the songs and have so many memories with the band so wanted to try and enjoy the set and with it being short and sweet I did manage to enjoy it. Of course as with every Courteeners gig there were loads of flares and smoke bombs going off throughout the set and the crowd did go wild. It was nice to see them on the main stage as they have worked hard and always had a battle with little media coverage and mainstream airplay. Although I'm not that impressed with the first couple of releases from the new album so I do really hope that the rest of it delivers and I can try and find that passion again. 

We just seemed to float around for a bit after that and spent a long time trying to get drinks as the bars were all of a sudden crazy busy. We caught a couple of tracks of 'krept and Konan' and some of 'Broken Hands' set. By this point headliners 'Red hot chilli peppers' were already on so we headed to the main stage to catch some of them. We watched half an hour or so but got a bit bored, I've never been a huge fan and don't know all the songs and I'd already seen some of their set earlier in the year so wasn't too fussed about watching it all. 

We headed over to the nme tent for 'Two Door Cinema club' they always remind me of festivals and have such a summery vibe, which is exactly what we needed to keep our energy up. They played a great set with banger after banger, I forgot how much I loved them, it was a massive singalong with a jam packed tent with everyone dancing and ended up being one of my faves of the weekend. 

After that we ended up wandering to Piccadilly party and the relentless stage before heading back to camp. I had such a great weekend as expected, Leeds is always a highlight of my year. I'm gutted festival season is over already, this year has gone crazy fast, but I have lots of gigs to look forward to in Autumn/winter and I'm sure it will fly back around before I know it!!