Monday, 17 July 2017

TRNSMT Festival....Sunday!!!

So it's safe to say we were a little worse for wear on Sunday and day two of the Festival for us. We didn't make it down for the first band we wanted to see and did unfortunately miss some of the second band, but glitter under the eyes was much needed and covering those bags takes time! The weather forecast was not quite so glorious for the day but we didn't let that dampen our spirits and still dressed as if it was 30 degrees outside. I got the most amazing rainbow jacket from Pretty Little Thing a few weeks back, as soon as I saw it I knew it was the ultimate Festival jacket and I needed it in my life. It is a 3/4 sleeve black jacket with rainbow sequin tassels all over it, Alice and I both brought the jacket and had decided to wear it on this day so we were jacket twinnies.

The jacket was the main attraction for this outfit so I chose something that was quite plain but matched the colours in the jacket. I had originally ordered a gold chain Top to wear but it got stuck at customs and it was too late for me to get another, booo! So I ended up having to wear a plain black lace bralet, I teamed it with a gold sequin tassel skirt/belt that matched perfectly with the tassels on the jacket. It was a bit short to wear alone so I put some black hot pants on underneath and some black fishnets.

I wore my sequin bumbag again and platform sandals as they were the only shoes I took so I was really hoping the mud wouldn't be too bad. Luckily it didn't get too muddy so they survived the day and they were really easy to wipe clean, maybe not so unsensible after all! I wore my fave rainbow Bombshell earrings again as they are just the ultimate Festival earrings. I wore some glittery socks and a sequin rainbow choker and I put my hair in buns due to the weather forecast and added some pom pom bobbles and glitter roots to jazz it up. For my make up I used a all in one blue bindi then added some gems and glitter around my eyes, gold glittery eyes and rainbow glitter tears. I finished off with blue glitter lips and glitter on my chest. I did have to take my rain mac ready for the rain but I really hoped I wouldn't have to use it.

Sequin jacket - Pretty Little Thing
Tassel belt/skirt - EBay
Hotpants (underneath) - ASOS
Lace Bralet - Urban Outfitters
Rainbow XL Earrings - No Basic Bombshell
Choker - Jaded London
Socks - Topshop
Platform sandals - YRU
Bumbag - Skinnydip
Fishnets - EBay 
Pom Pom bobbles - Peacocks
Bindi - EBay 
Glitter/gems - EBay/craft shops

We arrived half way through The View's set which I was pretty gutted about but atleast we got to see some of the set. Kyle was wearing some fabulous yellow dungarees and they were on top form. Obviously being Scottish they had a massive crowd with a big singalong. They've always been a big fave of mine so I'm really glad they've done some touring this year for the tenth anniversary, as it's been too long since their live shows were in my life!

After that it was Blossoms, we were excited to see them as we'd given up our tickets for their big headline show the day before to go to the Festival. Tom was wearing all white, a risky move with the weather but I think he pulled it off, that boy got style! They played a great set with the usual favourites with the crowd singing along, especially for massive crowd pleaser 'Charlamagne'. I've seen them so many times over the last couple of years and they just seem to get better and better, and they always like to throw in a few random lines from songs making a singalong with the crowd, which ended up with the whole crowd singing 'Last Christmas' by Wham!

Next up was another Scottish band and a long time fave of mine Twin Atlantic, of course the crowd was huge. It definitely seemed quieter than Saturday wether that was down to the weather or the ticket sales I don't know, but it was still really busy and the dull weather didn't seem to dampen everyone's spirits. They played an energetic set with Sam jumping into the crowd for 'No sleep'. They're always great live and I absolutely loved the set.

We then headed over to the king tuts stage for The Amazons, I absolutely love their debut album and hadn't had chance to see them yet so was really looking forward to it. They sounded amazing live and had loads of energy on stage. If you haven't heard the album yet I'd definitely check it out, I'm hoping to catch them again at Leeds Festival next month and hopefully a headline show soon as my local gig sold out before I got chance to get a ticket.

Then we headed back over to the main stage to catch the end up Two Door cinema club, I love them and they always have such a fun set but as they clashed with The Amazons and we really wanted to see them we had to sacrifice most of the set, but what we did see was great. Then it was back over to the king tuts and unfortunately the rain did really start to pour then, so it was rain macs on for the rest of the day, so I didn't manage to get many more photos. We watched some of Clean cut kids set, another band that have just recently released a debut album I love, they're such a happy energetic band and it's infectious watching them.

We then had to leave and head back to the main stage for one of my absolute faves The 1975. I absolutely adore Matty he's hilarious and when he strutted on topless with eyeliner, writing on his chest and soaking wet hair he certainly had my attention. They had a quite long set which I was so pleased about, playing old and new tracks and although it was chucking it down the whole time everyone was still loving it. Matty was coming out with some great one liners inbetween tracks and had me in stitches. They're so good live and I really can't wait for them to tour again and for new music next year.

After that we rushed back over to the king tuts stage to catch Tom Grennan who had not long started. He is definitely one to watch and I think this year is his year. I've managed to catch him at a couple of festivals this year already and was absolutely blown away by his vocals, he has such a soulful voice but then comes out with this proper cockney accent when he talks and seems to have a fun personality to match his singing abilities. I'm super excited to hear new music from him as I've loved all his releases so far. I'm also looking forward to seeing him at his headline show in Nottingham in a couple of months. If you get a chance to catch him at a Festival or headline show in your area I'd definitely check him out while he's still doing intimate shows.

Ending the Festival and one of the main reasons we wanted to go to the Festival were Biffy Clyro. I do not have enough praise for this band, they are literally one of the best bands in the world and as a Scottish band as expected they had an absolutely massive crowd. Simon came out in the most amazing silver sequin trousers, giving us a run for our money in our sequin get ups! There was confetti cannons and fire galore and Simon's beautiful face kept me transfixed for the whole set. They played a lengthy set full of bangers with old and new tracks, they literally could've played for hours and it still wouldn't have been enough. 

Everyone in the crowd was in high spirits and they played the rain away with the sunsettting and glowing pink and it really felt like a special gig. You could see how buzzing they were and I think it was definitely a special night for them too. The set ended with 'stingin' belle' with its huge bagpipe outro with a massive firework display coming from the stage and the middle of the crowd. It looked amazing and ended the Festival perfectly. It went way too quickly but it was a really good weekend and I really enjoyed the Festival. I don't think it should replace T in the park as I think Scotland still massively needs that, but it was a good alternative and was nice to have a bit of luxury with a hotel. I'm glad to see it will be making a comeback next year and It could definitely be on my Festival wish list again!!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

TRNSMT Festival 2017...Saturday!!!

This year a new Festival hit Scotland, TRNSMT Festival, not to replace as such but to fill the gap of T in the Park, after it was sadly announced it wouldn't be on this year. It's future is still in the limbo but TRNSMT Festival had a similar line up to what you would expect from T in the park but on a smaller scale and with no camping facilities as it is in quite a central location in the city of Glasgow. T in the park always has one of the best line ups in my opinion and after working the Festival a few years back I have always wanted to go back, but for some reason or another I hadn't had chance to go again. So when I heard about TRNSMT and saw the line up I was really interested in going and thought it might make a nice change having a hotel and a proper bed to sleep in at a Festival. We did already have tickets for Blossoms at Castlefield Bowl that weekend but as Blossoms were playing, aswell as many of our favourite bands, we decided we'd make a weekend of it and hit Glasgow.

Although the Festival was on for 3 days we decided to just go for two, the Saturday and Sunday, as the Friday was quite a mellow day and the headliners were Radiohead who we are not a fan of. We still decided to travel down on the Friday and spend the day exploring the city. After a delay with our flight we arrived later than planned but still had plenty of time to walk around and get a feel of the place. I'd never been to Glasgow before so was surprised how big the city was, it was also very hilly, I think I worked up some muscles over the weekend. We had a wander around the shops then came back and got ready to go out for some food. After a super early morning we had a sensible night and headed back after our meal so we were nice and refreshed for the first day of the Festival!

Saturday and day one of the Festival for us, we had an earlyish start with bands starting around 1pm but as usual we were late and couldn't stick to our planned schedule. It's hard to stick to one when you have to cover yourself in glitter!! My outfit for the day was very sparkly and very rainbowy. The main event was the most amazing rainbow sequin kimono from Jaded London that I'd had my eye on since they first started putting previews on their instagram. It's a long maxi style in a black mesh with oversized rainbow holographic sequins all over it. Surprisingly the sun was out in sunny Scotland so it sparkled so much in the sun. 

Underneath I went for more rainbow sequins with a halterneck playsuit from Pretty Little Thing. It was hard to pack as we only had hand luggage and I didn't fancy wearing wellies all weekend so I decided to take a risk and wear my holographic platform sandals. This may seem a silly choice but my logic was they are platform so comfy, they gave me a bit of height (which I needed with the kimono) and they wiped clean, oh and they're rainbow of course! I wore some glittery socks and carried on with the rainbow theme with my absolute fave Bombshell glitter earrings and a pompom headband Alice made me for my Birthday which I absolutely love! You can't really see as it's camouflaged but but I also wore my skinnydip rainbow sequin bumbag which matches the playsuit and my sequin backpack, you can never have enough rainbows or sequins right?! 

For my face I went for a central stick on headpiece from Topshop then worked around that adding glitter and some extra gems, I went for a glitter tears look with matching glitters to the gems. I also wore glitter on my eyes and glitter lips, most of the glitter is from eBay and craft shops which I find are super cheap in comparison to some websites that sell glitters.

Rainbow sequin Kimono - Jaded London
Sequin Playsuit - Pretty Little Thing
Rainbow XL earrings - No Basic Bombshell
Platform sandals - YRU
Socks - New Look
Pompom headband - Made by my friend Alice
Sequin bumbag - Skinnydip London 
Sequin backpack - Skinnydip London 
Headpiece gems - Topshop
Gems/Glitter - EBay/craft shops

When we finally got to the Festival site which was only a short taxi ride from our hotel we had missed a couple of bands, we had to go to the box office collection as our tickets had been lost in the post which is our typical luck. The box office however seemed to know nothing about this and as seetickets were closed all weekend it was touch and go for ten minutes or so wether we'd even get in the Festival. Luckily we were given guest tickets and VIP wristbands and allowed in just in time for Stormzy. It was actually a blessing in disguise as we had access to the VIP area, which was needed as the standard bar and toilet queues were huge and we spoke to a lot of people who said they'd queued for over an hour just for a drink. I'm not a massive Grime/R&B fan but there are a few artists in that genre I do like and I've really got into Stormzy the last couple of months so was excited to see him. He seems like such a nice guy from what I've seen of him in the media aswell, he played a really energetic set with a huge crowd with everyone jumping up and down and singing along. 

We then watched The Kooks which was a real throwback treat, kinda made me feel old as it's been so long since they first released an album and I was there first time around for that. They played a great set full of classic bangers with a few new ones thrown in. Lead singer Luke looked exactly the same as he did ten years ago, making me feel even older!! After that we had a little wander to the other end of the site where the Jack Rocks stage was, it was quite a walk from the other two stages so we didn't really make our way down there again as we just didn't have time to go from stage to stage and most of the acts we wanted to see were on the main stage with a couple over on the kings tut stage. They had a free photo booth at the Jack rocks stage which of course we had to take advantage of, typically it was in black and white so you can't see our sparkly rainbowness in all its glory. We caugh a bit of Neon Waltz in that tent then headed back up to the other stages.

We watched some of Sundara Karma on the king tuts stage, unfortunately they did clash so we couldn't stay for the whole set. I've absolutely loved them this last year or so and really enjoyed what we saw of the set. One thing that was good about this Festival, although there were clashes they weren't as major as they usually are at Festivals, especially as there was only 3 stages and I think a small Dj tent, but we didn't make it to that. Also there were only headliners on the main stage so they didn't clash with anyone, great if you like the headliner maybe not so much if you don't, but we went for the headliners so were pleased on this occasion. 

Part way through the set we headed to the main stage ready for Catfish and the Bottlemen, one of my absolute favourite bands of the last fews years. They always have a great energy live and the crowd always goes mental, it was definitely one of the busiest crowds of the weekend with extra security down the front area stopping people from overcrowding, which was quite annoying as we couldn't get as close as we'd of liked. I still absolutely loved it and it was a massive singalong as always.

Headlining and ending the Saturday of the Festival was Kasabian, literally one of my fave bands ever and one of the main reasons I wanted to go to the Festival. I have been a fan of them for years and they're without a doubt one of the best live bands in the world. Their live shows are always amazing and although most of the time I'm pretty drunk when I see them (this being no exception) I always have the most amazing time and just want to watch them all over again. Scottish crowds are known for being rowdy so it was an energetic set from both sides, filled with classic tracks and newer songs, all of which went down a treat. It was a perfect end to the first day of the Festival and although there were rumours that Arctic Monkeys were going to end the night with a secret set which would've been fab, it really didn't matter as it ended on a high and was a great day. We ended our night by going to the Cathouse club in the city which was really fun, but rather hazy after a full day/night of drinking!!