Monday, 5 February 2018

Checkerboard Red & Black Hearts!!!

So January has been and gone, the struggle was real but we made it! February always seems to fly with it being a shorter month and that makes me slightly happier as we’re edging closer to the summer months and my fave time of the year, Festival season!! I haven’t decided which festivals I want to go to yet but there’s so many on my list I want to go to, although a lot of the dates clash so it’s gonna be a toughie this year. I have however got a trip to Berlin to look forward to this month, I’m really looking forward to going somewhere new and exploring the city as I’ve heard lots of great things. I also have a couple of gigs, One is actually in Berlin which should be cool, so I already know February is going to be a much better month!

So on to today’s outfit, I actually took these pictures a little while back but have just been quite delayed with blogging my looks. I got this checkerboard print dress in the sale from Pretty Little Thing, I can’t remember how much I paid but it was super cheap. I did want the black and white version but it was out of stock, I really love the whole black/white checkerboard pieces that are around at the moment, I haven’t actually got round to buying anything in that colour/print yet though. I have however been wearing a lot of red lately so still really like this version, it has a big black heart on the front and is in a super soft jersey material.

I teamed it with lots more Red with my bargain red coat from a Primark and these red suede effect boots. I’ve barely worn these boots as I’m scared of ruining them if the weathers bad, but I really love them especially the big gold buckle. I wore fishnet tights and added a bit more black into the mix with some pom pom earrings and a black fringe bag. Finishing off the look with a studded choker, a gold chain choker and some cute red scrunchies in my hair.

Dress - Pretty Little Thing
Coat - Primark 
Boots - Primark
Fishnets - Primark 
Pom Pom earrings - Poundworld
Chokers - Primark 
Bag - Oasis
Scrunchies - Made by me

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Ultimate Cloud Coat, Unicorns & Zebra Print!!!

Last year (still feels weird saying that) I was absolutely desperate for the Pink fur coat from H&M, it was sold out for a few months and I gave up hope of it ever coming back in stock. So when they did a Blue version I thought I’d snap it up right away. As usual my typical bad luck struck and a couple of weeks after I brought it the pink one came back in stock. Obviously I couldn’t not get it after wanting it for months so I ordered it, thinking I’ll decide which I like best then return one. Of course this did not happen and I couldn’t bare to part with either. Surprisingly I actually liked the blue one on a little bit more, maybe as it suited my hair more than the pink. So I did end up with two huge fluffy coats I definitely didn’t need, but oh my are they fabulous! They are super heavy (actually weigh 3.5kg) so they’re quite hard to wear so I haven’t got the wear out of them that I would like so far, so as much as I hate the cold I kinda need a bit more of it so I can get wearing them. The quality of the coat is so good, it’s so soft and fluffy and feels really well made, I love the huge collar and it’s super cosy, maybe a little too cosy. You do get really hot wearing it especially if you have layers on so it’s definitely a more outdoor coat, not the best for shopping etc where you’re in and out of the warm/cold. It does however look very fabulous, so it’s worth feeling like you’re carrying a small human on your back wearing it!

The blue version actually does go with more than the pink so it is a bit easier to wear, so I am glad I kept them both. I kept the colours in my outfit quite neutral but went for a zebra print with a mini skirt, which I think works really well with the blue. I teamed it with a unicorn rock style tee tucked in and some fishnet tights giving the outfit a bit more of an edgy vibe. I accessorised with a black patent mini backpack and added a touch more blue with a sequin choker. I added a bit more glitz with these bargain silver sock boots I got in the sale for £3 from Primark. I wore some silver star shaped earrings and my cat eye glasses, it’s rare I wear my glasses in a blogpost but I really like my new glasses and think the style works with the look so thought I’d show them off in a post. I finished off the look with the perfect blue lippie for this dreamy cloud like coat, Lime Crime Velvetines in Teacup.

Blue Fur Coat - H&M
Zebra Skirt - H&M
Unicorn Tee - New Look
Fishnets - Primark 
Sock Boots - Primark
Choker - New Look
Backpack - Primark
Earrings - Primark
Lipstick Lime Crime Velvetines in Teacup - Lime Crime
Cat Eye Glasses - Specsavers